Grenada’s Top Boutique Hotel Has New-Look Suites

grenada hotel boutique

For years, it’s been something of a well-guarded secret: the eminently luxurious Calabash hotel in Grenada. 

And while the 30-room boutique retreat has been around for nearly four decades, it’s constantly reinventing itself. 

That includes a recently-completed renovation to the resort’s Deluxe Suites.

tub in room

The 700-square-foot rooms, which include separate living and bedroom areas and indulgent soaking tubs, have gotten a makeover. 

It’s “our new favorite suite,” the resort told Caribbean Journal. We agree — they’re, well, lovely.

bathrooms interior

The room is “designed to induce relaxation with neutral tones, maximizing natural light and space.”

And it’s just the beginning: Calabash is planing a series of room upgrades across its suite categories. 

For more, visit Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel Grenada

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