This Turks and Caicos Resort Will Tell You Your Vacation’s Carbon Footprint

turks and caicos resort vacation

Turks and Caicos’ Ocean Club Resorts has announced a new amenity for its guests: a carbon footprint calculator. 

The product of a partnership with Wayaj, the resort has debuted a new Carbon Footprint Calculating Engine to help guests figure out how much carbon has been generated from their trips — and offer ways to offset it. 

“Our team has long stood committed to exploring eco-friendly practices that are both innovative and add value to the overall guest experience,” said Ocean Club Resorts Managing Director, Wilbert Mason. “The new partnership with Wayaj to deploy a carbon footprint calculator was a natural next step in offering positive-impact travel. Guests will now have the opportunity to easily support sustainability initiatives for the betterment of the global community.”

So how does it work? 

Guests add in their party size, length of visit and then choose to calculate the carbon from their hotel stay alone or to include transportation. 

That’s when the engine generates options for offsets, from ways to volunteer time or provide a monetary donation. 

Ocean Club Resorts was the first property in Turks and Caicos to achieve Green Globe Certification, long setting a standard for sustainability in the British Overseas Territory. 

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