In Saba, The Caribbean’s Pioneering Eco-Tourism Month 

saba caribbean eco tourismSaba.

The tiny Dutch Caribbean island of Saba has been at the forefront of the eco-tourism movement for decades. 

And a big part of that has been the island’s popular Sea & Learn Month, a beloved program focused on raising awareness on environmental protection. 

Sea & Learn is back again this year, with a full slate of events, visits by world-renowned environmental experts and interactive sessions from deep sea dives and classes on sonar mapping of the ocean floor to regulate happy hours and extended hikes. 

A coral restoration project in Saba.

That includes a demonstration of sonar mapping, an intensive lesson on coral health and restoration and a two-night “hiking after dark program,” including a journey with renowned archeologist Dr. Lauren Esposito. 

“This pioneering program and its organizers have continually set the standard for ecological stewardship in the Caribbean and beyond,” the Saba Tourist Bureau said in a statement. “Each year the event is organized with the sole purpose of helping others to understand the fragility of the environment and the importance of its protection.”

Saba recently lifted all of its entry healthy protocols for travelers, meaning no vaccination or testing is required. 

For more, visit Saba. 

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