Statia’s “Giant Step” on Environmental Preservation 

statia environmental preservationStatia.

The Dutch Caribbean island of Statia has taken what officials are calling a “giant step” towards its environmental preservation push. 

The island’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has signed a letter of intent with the Public Entity St Eustatius to work together to implement new Dutch Caribbean environmental laws. 

“We take one small step for the environment, one giant leap for Statia,” said Claudia Toet, deputy government commissioner in St Eustatius. “With the stroke of a pen we continue the journey to a true commitment to our environment, which is in keeping with our vision for a green Statia.”

It’s part of a broader decree from the Netherlands’ central government in The Hague to direct businesses to take the necessary steps to protect the environment in the area, which also includes Bonaire and Saba. 

The plan is to support the development of defining environmental rules in Statia, building capacity in relevant departments and achieving a “stainable level of knowledge transfer” on what’s required to implement the environmental laws. 

The decree itself takes effect Jan 1. 2023. 

It’s a big step for an island that has always been home to one of the Caribbean’s most pristine natural environments, anchored by The Quill, the island’s imposing dormant volcano. 

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