Virgin Gorda Airport Is Open Again in the British Virgin Islands

tradewind bvi virgin gordaTradewind Aviation officially reopened the airport with the first fligh to Virgin Gorda since the pandemic.

For the first time since the onset of the pandemic, Virgin Gorda Airport is open for flights. 

The first flight to touch down in Virgin Gorda since March 2020 was a flight on luxury airline Tradewind Aviation. 

Tradewind VP David Zipkin was on the flight to reopen the airport. 

During the pandemic, Virgin Gorda re-emerged as one of the Caribbean’s leading luxury destinations, buoyed by a sales surge at the sprawling Oil Nut Bay development. 

caribbean resort tiny comeback
The Saba Rock Resort.

Virgin Gorda’s North Sound is also in the midst of a renaissance, thanks to the recent reopening of the Saba Rock Resort and the imminent relaunch of the legendary Bitter End Yacht Club

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