The 5 Best Things to Do in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

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Cap Cana, the Dominican Republic’s luxury resort zone in Punta Cana, may be home to some of the most high-end resorts in the country, but a trip there is not complete without doing these outside-of-the-hotel activities.

During a visit to the Palladium Group’s TRS Cap Cana Hotel, Caribbean Journal recently toured the destination and came away with a handful of Cap Cana offerings that could easily be the highlights of a Dominican Republic vacation.

Here they are.

Scape Park Scape Park is easily the most popular activity at Cap Cana, especially amongst families with teenagers, said Napoleón Luzardo Gonzalez, food and beverage director at TRS Cap Cana Hotel who showed us the best of the area.

The park includes zip lining on a cliff, exploring ancient caverns, swimming in underground caves and jumping from water zip lines.

Also, guests here have the option at an additional cost to cruise and snorkel in tropical waters.

Guests can grab the wheel of Can-Am 4×4 off-road buggies and ride through Scape Park’s dirt trails, puddles and muddy terrain. Obviously, guests here should bring a change of clothes if they plan on dining before they go back to the hotel since they are bound to get absolutely filthy from this adventure.

Other activities at Scape Park include the Cultural Route and the Cave Swim. The Cultural Route features a journey where guests will be able to see replicas of the homes of the ancient Taino Indians and other cultural structures.

The Cave Swim offers guests an opportunity to dive into an underground spring and swim in the same waters previously used by the ancient natives for sacred rituals.

With a TRS Cap Cana bracelet, guests receive a 20 percent discount at the Scape Park, said Gonzalez.

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