Hammock Cove, a Spectacular All-Inclusive Resort in Antigua


Very shortly into your visit to Hammock Cove you realize that you’re in one of the best hotel rooms in the Caribbean. 

You’re gazing out at the spectacle of the a secluded cove at the edge of Devil’s Bridge National Park, sitting in your infinity plunge pool. 

But what’s remarkable isn’t just the beautiful design of this room. 

It’s that this is what every room is like. 

This isn’t the grand presidential suite — it’s standard. 

And that’s part of what makes the Hammock Cove resort in Antigua so special. 

Hammock Cove, the newest resort in the Elite Island Resorts portfolio, consists of 42 cottage-style villas, all with private plunge pools, all with massive, wonderful bathrooms, all with expansive decks with wet bars and swinging chairs and endless views of a rarefied corner of Antigua. 

And that places it right at the forefront of the Caribbean travel industry. 

Because Elite and its chairman, Rob Barrett, have tapped into exactly what seasoned Caribbean travelers are looking for right now — the perfect resort for the age of social distancing. 

That means privacy. Comfort. High design. And, most importantly, all-inclusive. 

all-inclusive resort antigua
The main pool at Hammock Cove.

Because demands are changing. And tastes are evolving. 

A few years ago, all-inclusive meant something entirely different from what it does today. 

Today, that’s what many travelers want — not for the old tropes — not for the buffets or the excess, but for the ease, for the luxury of endless convenience. 

For the freedom to come and go, for the luxury of never having to reach for your wallet. 

All-inclusive isn’t a qualitative description anymore – it’s in many ways just an administrative one. 

And what that means is that some of the best resorts you’ll ever experience in the Caribbean are now all-inclusives. 

And that’s especially true of Hammock Cove, a place where you can easily stay in your room for nearly the entirety of your stay – or you can enjoy a surprisingly broad offering for what is an authentic, boutique resort — a lovely beach; a spa; two excellent restaurants (the food is among the best at any Caribbean all-inclusive)— and even an all-inclusive rum tasting bar. 

all-inclusive resort antigua
Yes, there’s al all-inclusive rum bar.

And then there’s the feel — the kind of serene quiet you only find at the greatest getaways, the one cultivated through masterful landscaping and perfect positioning; the resort that has that almost impossibly quiet soundtrack, the one where you only hear the shaking of the palm trees and the distant froth of a wave. 

But it all comes back to the rooms, the villas that are designed for what we all want right now — the independence, the privacy, the quiet, the personal pool, the views. 

And it’s all standard 

It’s all included. 

And that’s definitely what we’re all looking for. Isn’t it? 

For more, visit Hammock Cove

— CJ


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