Martinique Is Now Open for Tourism

martinique tourism openThe Hotel Bakoua in Trois-Ilets, Martinique.

One of the Caribbean’s hottest destinations is once again open for tourism — including to travelers from the United States.

The French Caribbean island of Martinique is open again, Caribbean Journal has confirmed.

So what do American travelers need to know?

All US Visitors need to show proof of a negative PCR test taken and received within 72 hours before arrival on the island.

Fully vaccinated travelers (meaning travelers who are more than 14 days since their final vaccine dose) don’t have to quarantine — they can land and get right to exploring the island.

Unvaccinated travelers, however, have to quarantine for seven days.

caribbean beach bars best
Le Petibonum, the island’s most famous beach bar.

So what’s the best way to travel to Martinique right now?

American Airlines is slated to relaunch its service from Miami to Fort-de-France, Martinique beginning in August, a spokesperson for American Airlines told Caribbean Journal.

Also in August, Air France will relaunch its Miami-Caribbean service, with flights operating every Monday (those flights are not nonstop, however — they typically stop in Haiti and Guadeloupe before arriving in Martinique).

The Air France service will kick off on Aug. 2.

martinique tourism open
Anse d’Arlet in Martinique.

If you want to go to Martinique in June and July, the best way is to fly to St Maarten and then fly from Grand Case Airport nonstop to Martinique (the flight takes about two hours), with service on Air Antilles.

Air Caraibes also operates daily flights from Grand Case Airport to Martinique. (Of course, it’s a wonderful excuse to spend an extra night in Grand Case on your vacation).

Travelers to Martinique will find the same culturally rich, spectacularly beautiful island, home to lovely little boutique hotels like French Coco, the Imperatrice and the new Diamant Les Bains – and larger resorts like the wonderful Hotel Bakoua.

They’ll also find arguably the world’s capital of rum, home to more distilleries than any other island in the world.

A VillaVEO villa in the Diamant area of southern Martinique.

The best way to experience Martinique in the age of social distancing just might be a villa — with top operator VillaVEO likely your best bet.

For more, visit Martinique.

— CJ