Only Vaccinated Travelers Will Be Able to Visit St Kitts and Nevis

st kitts nevis vaccinated travelersThe Park Hyatt St Kitts funded through CBI.

St Kitts and Nevis has announced a new set of protocols for international travelers, Caribbean Journal has learned. 

The biggest change will be that only fully vaccinated travelers will be allowed entry to St Kitts and Nevis beginning May 29. 

Vaccinated travelers will be able to travel with non-vaccinated children under 18, however. 

The move comes after St Kitts and Nevis said it had recorded a cluster of new cases of COVID. 

So what do travelers need to know? 

Fully vaccinated travelers will need to show proof of a negative PCR test 72 hours of travel to the twin-island federation, and complete a Travel Authorization Form (you can find it here). 

They’ll also need to upload a copy of their official vaccination card. 

All travelers will receive a health screening at the airport, which includes a temperature check and a health questionnaire. 

Fully vaccinated travelers will be asked to “vacation in place” at an approved hotel; that means they are free to move about their hotel, interact with other guests and partake in hotel activities. 

Fully vaccinated travelers will then be tested on the ninth day of their trip; once their test is negative, they can reintegrated into the country — going to beach bars, shopping, visiting attractions and the like. 

It should be noted that if a family is staying 10 days or more, the vaccinated parents and children will have to Vacation in Place until day 14 when the child/children will be tested. 

Vaccinated parents traveling with a non-vaccinated child will not be allowed to integrate into the Federation until after the child is tested on day 14 and the test results come back negative.

st kitts nevis vaccinated travelers
The Four Seasons Nevis.

So where can you stay? 

Approved hotels for international travelers include three hotels in St Kitts: the Marriott Vacation Beach Club, the Park Hyatt St Kitts and the Royal St Kitts Hotel. 

Approved hotels in Nevis include the Four Seasons Nevis; the Golden Rock Inn; Paradise Beach and the Montpelier Plantation and Beach. 

If you’d like to stay at a pre-approved private villa or condo, contact 

For more, visit St Kitts and Nevis. 

— CJ