Barbados Is Launching New Travel Protocols

barbados travel protocols new

Barbados is launching a new set of travel protocols in May, Caribbean Journal has learned. 

That includes a series of changes applying to fully vaccinated travelers, set to take effect May 8. 

The country has approved the AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines for entry into Barbados.

All vaccinated travelers must take and receive a negative PCR test three days prior to traveling to Barbados. 

They also need to provide a vaccination certificate and then have a standard or rapid test done at the airport or their approved accommodation. 

While they await their test result, they must stay at their hotel, and will be required to quarantine for one to two days. 

Children under 18 who are traveling with vaccinated travelers will be allowed to adhere to the vaccinated traveler guidelines. 

As for unvaccinated travelers, Barbados requires a negative test within three days prior to travel. When they arrive, they’ll need to stain in their rooms before they receive a second test, which is taken five days after arrival. 

All unvaccinated travelers will have to quarantine for approximately five to seven days. 

Few destinations in the Caribbean have launched specific guidelines for vaccinated travelers. 

Only one destination, Belize, announced that it would waive pre-testing requirements for vaccinated travelers

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