AvantStay Expands to Cabo San Lucas

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Short-term rental hospitality brand AvantStay has expanded to Mexico. 

The company’s first-ever international destination is the product of a partnership with the Blue Desert Cabo villa company in Cabo San Lucas. 

The brand will deliver a collection of 50 luxury villas, all with at least two bedrooms. 

“Our partnership with Blue Desert Cabo guarantees a best-in-class getaway and is a strong addition to our portfolio as our first international venture,” said AvantStay’s founder and CEO Sean Breuner. “Cabo San Lucas as a destination seamlessly aligns with our brand DNA and serves as an example that we are listening, supporting and customizing our platform to meet the needs of our loyal customer base. Cabo is one of the most frequented places in Mexico for the West and Midwest (where a majority of our portfolio is), as we will continue to provide our guests with the AvantStay experience wherever they want to be.”

AvantStay plans to launch properties in more than 60 cities this year, increasing its portfolio by four times. 

“Today’s traveler has transformed into a digital nomad, prioritizing wellness, nature and privacy – all of which are cornerstones of AvantStay’s short-term rental offerings, especially at our Blue Desert Cabo luxury villas,” continues Breuner. “As remote work flexibility prevails and travel restrictions put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic continue to loosen, we anticipate a comeback for corporate retreats and a boom in international travel, especially in warmer, outdoor-centric destinations like Cabo San Lucas.”

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