In St Barth, a Classic Caribbean Beach Villa


Before St Barth was St Barth, they used to come to this beach and fish, boats out in the morning and simple life on the sand. 

Corossol is another side of St Barth, where the turtles roam the back streets and the only sounds on a weekday afternoon are waves and youthful laughs. 

And even now that St Barth is St Barth, Corossol hasn’t changed; it’s still the essence of the French Caribbean: the colors, the quiet; the cool. 

caribbean beach st barth villa
The beach in Corossol.

And this beachside villa is right at the heart of it: the Habitation Saint Louis. 

You walk through a tiny private pathway just across the beach, navigate your way up a winding, lush garden, nod to the turtles and there it is: a vibrant beach villa that’s a portal to the perfect Caribbean beach vacation. 

caribbean beach st barth villa

As in the best St Barth villas, the days here gravitate toward the indoor-outdoor kitchen, where you can bring back the best from the market and enjoy St Barth’s gastronomy with a brilliant view of the sea. 

caribbean beach st barth villa

Or you can call Marco and arrange for it to all to come to you, thanks to WIMCO’s unmatched concierge service. 

Like the best views, it’s one you can watch, a patron in a natural gallery, gazing as the sea and the fishing boats dance.  

The lush path down to the beach.

And then there’s the pool and wide entertainment deck, the perfect place for endless afternoons and the hour of the ti’ punch. 

caribbean beach st barth villa

This is the real St Barth, an authentic way to experience the timeless charms of this island, where Corossol becomes your own private beach town. 

In St Barth, they call it “L’Art d’etre Une Ile,” the “art of being an island.”

And this is the art of island living. 

For more, visit Habitation Saint Louis

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