CTO Launches “Caribbean Awaits” Campaign

caribbean awaitsBarbados.

The Barbados-based Caribbean Tourism Organization has launched a new campaign looking to help maintain the region’s prominence as a “place of solace” amid the pandemic. 

“This theme compliments the region’s success in generally containing the spread of COVID-19 which has taken a major toll on tourism along with other sectors of our economies. Caribbean countries have taken the required steps to protect our citizens and residents, conducted the required training to prepare our tourism and related frontline workers for the return of visitors and put the health protocols in place to reassure our potential visitors and residents that we take their health seriously,” said Neil Walters, the acting Secretary General of the organization. “This has been the groundwork, and now we seek to rebuild the sector.”

November is Caribbean Tourism Month and the CTO says it is encouraging the general public to share on social media thing they “can’t wait to experience” in the Caribbean. 

That’s along with a campaign featuring “live “demonstrations on regional culture like cocktails and cuisine. 

The vast majority of the region’s tourism destinations have reopened in the last few months — some 25 countries, according to Walters. 

“The resilience of the Caribbean is shown by the progress we have made towards the resumption of tourism activity,” he said. “This year’s theme further compliments the reopening of our borders, as the clarion call ‘We welcome you’ speaks to the fact that the Caribbean is the perfect place for those who have begun to travel or are thinking of traveling soon, to find solace in a place that is an oasis of health at this time.”

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