Belize Now Planning to Reopen for Tourism in October

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A few weeks after postponing its tourism reopening, Belize has announced a new planned reopening date of Oct. 1, Caribbean Journal has learned. 

The country on the Caribbean coast of Central America will be reopening its Philip Goldson International Airport on that date, as part of Belize’s five-phase tourism reopening strategy. 

Travelers will only be permitted to stay in approved hotels, the Belize Tourism Board said. 

They will also have to download the new Belize Health App and show proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours of arrival. 

On arrival, travelers will also undergo a health and temperature screening that may include a random secondary COVID test, officials said. 

Belize will be offering a limited array of excursions, subject to the same “Gold Standard” health and safety protocols. 

Belize is also creating a series of “Safe Corridors” for visitors, aiming to ensure both the safety of travelers and the local population. 

Travelers who test positive on one of the random tests will have to undergo a minimum 14-day quarantine art an approved quarantine hotel at their own expense. 

It’s not yet clear which hotels have been approved for visitors, but many of the country’s hotels and resorts were already planning on reopening in August. 

You can find more on Belize’s tourism entry protocols here

— CJ


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