Saint Lucia’s Bay Gardens Resorts Collection Keeps Getting Greener

saint lucia american airlinesThe Bay Gardens Beach Resort in Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucia’s Bay Gardens Resorts hotel collection keeps getting greener. 

Bay Gardens, Saint Lucia’s largest locally-owned and operated resort group, has again received Green Globe Gold certification, awarded to members who have been certified for five years in a row. 

Three of the company’s five resorts have that certification for sustainable tourism: Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa, Bay Gardens Hotel, and Bay Gardens Inn. 

“We at Bay Gardens Resorts are well aware of the connections between environmental stewardship, climate consciousness, and proactivity for the health and welfare of our staff, our guests and our local community,” said Sanovnik Destang, executive director of the resort group.

He said the company’s “holistic” approach was especially vital amid the challenges presented by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

“It’s most encouraging to be recognized so positively by Green Globe because such coordination requires a lot of focused training and nimble management from our teams,” Destang said.

Bay Gardens’ green efforts range from the phasing-out of plastics to the use of LED lighting across its properties to innovations like GEM Link occupancy sensors in its guest rooms. 

Bary Gardens has implemented new health and safety protocols at all of its properties since Saint Lucia reopened its borders for international tourism back in June. 

“We are very impressed that this small and vibrant business group continues to prioritize the safeguarding of the local environment and demonstrates an exemplary commitment to supporting the people of St. Lucia,” said Guido Bauer, CEO of Green Globe. 

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