St Croix’s Coolest New Hotel Is Open


The first thing you see when you walk into the blue-and-green lobby is a bright orange portrait of a rooster. 

And it’s not a surprise. 

If you eat, sleep and drink in Frederiksted, you’ll see and hear the roosters, strutting down Strand Street and setting the time, endlessly reminding you you’re somewhere unique — and sometimes waking you up.

And that’s precisely what Frederiksted is: a place with centuries of history, a vibrant beach town; and the center of a new wave of energy on the island of St Croix. 

And the heart of that dynamism is here: The Fred, the adults-only boutique beach resort that just completed a multi-phase opening and, following the pandemic, is now welcoming guests again. 

st croix hotel coolest

And as you walk past the rooster and into the grounds of this boutique resort you realize just how impressive it is. 

This is as cool, as hip, as thoughtful a design-forward hotel as you’ll find anywhere — with a hint of South Beach and a whisper of Key West. 

st croix hotel coole

But it’s also unmistakably, authentically, faithfully Frederiksted, true to the vibe of St Croix. 

And it’s a sign of what’s happening in Frederiksted; of the new movement in this old town, of beach bars like Louie & Nacho’s and fun-loving eateries like 7AF (it stands for Asian Fusion, in case you were wondering), of bike tours and macaron deliveries from Nikki B and cups of perfect espresso at Molly’s. 

st croix hotel coolest
The beach deck at The Fred.

It’s a new reminder of what makes this place so special: the spectacular coastline, the wonder of Sandy Point a short drive away; the colorful arched walkways on Strand, Frederiksted’s proud heritage as the “Freedom City,” thanks to General Buddhoe’s successful rebellion in 1848, which led to emancipation in the Danish West Indies. 

And with the recent reopening of the US Virgin Islands for tourism at the beginning of June, it’s a reminder that the USVI is open for business, that it’s time to start planning your return; it’s a travel wake-up call.

And you don’t need a rooster for that.

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