Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende Begins First Phase of “Reactivation”

san miguel de allende

Mexico’s popular tourism destination of San Miguel de Allende has begun what tourism officials are calling “Phase 0” of its COVID-19 “reactivation plan,” which for now is limited to the local population.

The first phase includes activation of the local economy for local residents, and officially begins June 1. 

The city will see most of its business infrastructure reopen, including markets, eateries, shopping centers, offices and public transport. 

Hotels, bars, cantinas and clubs will not yet reopen, however. 

The reopening comes with a slate of hygiene requirements for businesses, from international-grade sanitation protocols (including shoe-cleaning) to provision of face masks to hourly disinfecting of public spaces. 

Access to the city has been closed since March to non-residents. 

“We still haven’t opened the doors to our visitors,” said the city’s mayor, Villarreal García. “San Miguel is not opening to tourism, not yet; We will do it gradually. Gradually and responsibly, as the number of infections marks us.”