Caribbean Moment: An Oasis in The Bahamas

bahamas caribbean oasisDeep Creek on Eleuthera.

You’re far away. Far from the world you know, far away even from The Bahamas you know. 

This is Deep Creek, tucked just past the edge of Cape Eleuthera in The Bahamas. 

It’s one of the Caribbean’s great destinations for bonefishing — but you don’t need a rod to appreciate the sheer tranquility of this place on the island of Eleuthera.

Turn just past the Deep Creek Methodist Church and a straightaway takes you to the middle of the flats, a place of shallows and sandbars and bonefish. 

You might come across a lone flats boat, but you’ll be the only one here. 

It’s a captivating image, of being all by yourself in one of the most beautiful places in The Bahamas. 

So take yourself there for a digital journey in the latest Caribbean Moment below. 

You may even catch a fish. 

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