The 10 Best Pink Sand Beaches in the Caribbean

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The spectacular beaches of the Caribbean remain the region’s ultimate siren song for travelers. They’re the reason we sit at our desks, dreaming of the islands, placing ourselves there, even just for a moment. 

They’re the essence of what makes the Caribbean the world’s most romantic destination. 

And while the Caribbean’s exotic white sands are unmatched around the world, if you dig deep enough you can find something rather special: pink sand. 

Dotted around the Caribbean are some truly delightful little stretches of pink sand, which are typically the result of miniscule pink-and-red shells that once housed tiny organisms called foraminifera. 

So where can you find these wonders? Take a journey with us around some of our favorite pink sand beaches in the Caribbean, from The Bahamas to Grenada.

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Harbour Island is home to a number of top hotels, along with private beach clubs for those properties not set directly on the sand, like the Valentines resort.

Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island The ultimate pink sand beach in the Caribbean, this three-mile-long stunner is a radiant shade of pink, endlessly wide, rimmed with some of the most beautiful boutique hotels in The Bahamas. 

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