Marley Coffee Expands to Playa del Carmen

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The Caribbean coast of Mexico has its first-ever Marley Coffee. 

The Jamaican coffee brand has opened a new coffee house at T”he Fives Beach Hotel in Playa del Carmen. 

It’s just the second coffee shop by the brand, which is owned by the family of music icon Bob Marley. 

“I am pleased to be back in the beautiful Playa Del Carmen where travelers from around the world can experience my family’s passion, vision of universal love, respect for nature and connection to the beauty of the land through a cup of coffee,” said Rohan Marley, founder of Marley Coffee.

The coffee shop is set in the “plaza” at The Fives, an all-inclusive hotel in Playa. 

The coffee itself is sourced from fair-trade farms globally, including Ethiopia, Central and South America and Jamaica. 

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— CJ

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