The Dominican Republic Has a Huge New Solar Park

dominican republic solarThe new Solar Canoa park.

The Dominican Republic has officially debuted a major new solar energy park in the country. 

The new Solar Canoa park, set in Canoa in the western portion of the country, has a capacity of 25 megawatts in its first phase. 

It’s a significant new green achievement for the Dominican Republic in a region that is increasingly looking to harnessing renewable energy sources. 

It’s part of a wider plan by the Dominican Republic’s government called the “Plan to Support Renewable Energy Projects,” a partnership between the government and its corporation of state electric companies. 

Ruben Jimenez, vice president of the Dominican Republic’s utility corporation, said the new park would cut more than 21,193 tons of carbon dioxide — and reduce oil consumption by 12,850 barrels each year. 

“There is no doubt that we will far exceed our goal of 25 percent energy production from renewable sources well before the expected date of 2025,” Jimenez said. 

According to Jimenez, the country is already at 22 percent. 


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