Antigua’s Galley Bay, an Enchanting Caribbean Adults-Only Resort


This is a beautiful place. 

You keep saying it to yourself as you ride your bike along the path, or stroll across the lagoon, or marvel at the old sugar mill. 

There’s just something enchanting about Galley Bay, the legendary adults-only, all-inclusive resort in the northwest of Antigua. 

There’s a pervasive sense of calm, of quiet. 

caribbean adults-only antigua

Yes, it’s an all-inclusive, but what’s also included is unmatched serenity — the feeling that you have found someplace special. 

And that’s particularly true on the beach itself, a stunning stretch of almost impossibly white sand, made more delightful by the fact that the vast majority of the rooms are set right on it. 

caribbean adults-only antigua
The resort is set between a lagoon and the beach.

That’s something that’s not all that common these days in the Caribbean: the true toes-in-the-sand experience, where you can walk right out of your room and step right onto the beach. 

And if you’re not on the beach, you can stay in one of the Gauguin Cottages, the exotic, ultra-private units with their own plunge pools named for the legendary painter who once sojourned with his brush in the Caribbean. 

caribbean adults-only antigua

And no matter where you’re staying, you immediately fall into your ritual: a morning stroll or ride; a few hours at the pool; lunch at one of the al fresco eateries at the property; a massage at the sublime spa. 

And wherever you are, you’re surrounded by the scenery, or one of the many Caribbean birds that make their home here in the gardens; or the gentle waves of the palms. 

caribbean adults-only antigua
It’s the ultimate toes-in-the-sand all-inclusive.

It’s all intoxicating, more than tastings at the rum shack or rum punches at Ismay’s. 

And no matter where you go, you’re never far from the beach. 

Because that’s Galley Bay, a place where there’s nothing ever standing in the way of you and overwhelming natural beauty.

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