Another New Dining Destination Opens in Saint Lucia

poolThe pool at Caille Blanc in Saint Lucia.

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Fresh off the launch of the celebrated Orlando’s Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia has another new destination eatery.

The Caille Blanc Villa and Hotel has announced the debut of its new TreeTops restaurant.

The new eatery, the menu of which was crafted by leading chef Jeffrey “Cheffrey” Stella, will be open Thursday through Sunday evenings.

saint lucia pitons eatery

“From the first moment I came to Saint Lucia I was drawn to the flavors and colors of the spices on the island. Drawing from this wealth, I was able to help Caille Blanc Villa & Hotel’s restaurant TreeTops craft a menu of delicious meals and teach the staff to prepare them for an extraordinary dining experience,” Stella said in a statement.

“Caille Blanc has always strived to deliver a unique one of a kind experience to our guests, with the expansion of this restaurant TreeTops, we’re able to offer local visitors an opportunity to have an chic romantic dining experience while taking in our spectacular view of the Pitons and Caribbean,” said Alisa Coleman, the owner of the hotel.

The new menu will include everything from lionfish francese to a full Caribbean buffet on Friday evenings.

The six-suite hotel is set in the town of Soufriere in southern Saint Lucia.

For more, visit Caille Blanc.

— CJ


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