Another New Hotel Opens in the French Caribbean

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By Alexander Britell

Fresh off the debut of the transformed Hotel Diamant Les Bains in Martinique’s buzzy beach town of Diamant, the French Caribbean island has gotten another new hotel.

This time it’s the new Hotel Pelican, a beachfront boutique set in the suburb of Schoelcher outside of Martinique’s dynamic capital of Fort-de-France.

The retro-chic-styled hotel is set on the sand on Martinique’s Case Navire beach, a charming boutique that’s an important addition to the western coastline of the island.

caribbean french hotel

The Pelican has a total of 25 spacious, colorfully designed rooms, including three suites, all of which have kitchenettes and breezy terraces.

The property also has an oceanfront pool, along with access to a nearby watersports base home to kayaking, paddleboarding and sailing, among others.

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It’s an eclectic, colorful place to stay.

The Pelican is also in close proximity to three other beaches: Lido Beach, Madiana Beach and Anse Madame.

It all adds up to a great gateway to explore the riches of what remains one of the most fascinating capitals in the Caribbean, a home of history, art, culture and astonishingly good food.

caribbean french hotel

And it’s perch northwest of Fort de France means it’s an easy jaunt up the western coast to two of Martinique’s hottest destinations: the onetime capital of Saint Pierre, dubbed the Caribbean Pompeii for its volcanic ruins, and Le Carbet, the site of the hottest bar beach scene on the island, including the famous Le Petibonum.

If you haven’t been to Martinique, you’ll discover why it’s one of the most exotic, sophisticated places in the Caribbean.

For more, visit the Hotel Pelican.

— CJ


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