Jamaica Looks to Grow Music Tourism

Jamaica Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett.

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Given the global impact of Jamaica’s music industry, it’s no surprise that the country’s tourism sector is now looking to ramp up the growth of music tourism to the island.

Jamaica Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett says music tourism is a rapidly expanding market, and that the country is now positioning its tourism sector to “work strategically with the music industry to create valuable products and experiences for visitors.”

“Our music continues to set Jamaica apart from rival destinations,” Bartlett said. ““Each year more and more reggae music fans converge on the island to enjoy great music and the offerings of a remarkable destination. The resounding success of music festivals like Reggae Sumfest and Sting have helped to enhance our international profile significantly.”

Bartlett said the Ministry of Tourism was “fully cognizant that there is still more to be done to maximize the potential of this important subsector.”

“We have to give visitors more things to do when they come to our island. We have to tap into their passion points, and music is a great way to start,” he said “Simply put, we are placing a special focus on developing entertainment tourism as part of our growth strategy.”

That will include leveraging February’s annual Reggae Month to appeal to visitors, Bartlett said.