VIDEO: An Incredible Beach on Long Island in The Bahamas


By Guy Britton

The population of Clarence Town is 85, according to the most recent Bahamian census.

But this tiny settlement on Long Island in The Bahamas has a secret — one of the world’s most incredible beaches.

It’s a largely undiscovered beach, a beach unknown beyond Clarence Town. And few even know its name.

You see, you can spend a day here and ask everyone you meet — but nobody seems to know the name of this beach, this very special coastline.

If you ask enough, you’ll find locals who say it’s called Lochabar Beach, but it’s really Blue Hole Beach, or at least it must be, thanks to the spectacular blue hole set just off the waters here.

But it’s not just about the blue hole, that peculiar submarine sinkhole that is particularly prevalent in the Out Islands of The Bahamas (the nearby Dean’s Blue Hole is the second deepest on earth).

It’s the combination of this blue hole; of the sparkling, wide sands; and the fact that you can spend hours here and not see a single other person, a beach hidden away from the world in one of The Bahamas’ frontier destinations.

But the blue hole really is the cherry on top — it’s not often you come upon a blue hole right on the edge of an amazing beach — they’re usually hidden away in the flats or the like.

And did we mention that the sand is actually pink?

This is the perfect cocktail, a beach for beach seekers, a bucket-list stretch of sand.

In other words, it just might be the ultimate Caribbean beach.

See more in the video at the top of the page.

— CJ