VIDEO: In Martinique, the Art of the Seaside Villa


By Alexander Britell

The sound of the sea.

It isn’t just the waves, or the sway of the palms, or youthful shouts or the clank of neighbors’ plates.

It’s all of these things, and the reminder of what is not here: bustle, car horns, conference calls.

Here just above Grand Anse d’Arlet on the southwestern coast of Martinique is Villa Ifrevana, just a short stroll up from the island’s famous Ti Sable beach bar.

This is as authentic a French Caribbean villa as one will find; a place that emphasizes outdoor living, with ample seating and a broad terrace with a remarkable view of the sea, the latter truly the villa’s party piece, a massive, seating-filled deck that has a truly magnificent view of the water (and a dock, too).

This is a classic, four-bedroom, Creole-style villa, at once charming and eclectic, a place where hours go by simply staring at the turquoise in front of you.

All of the amenities are here, from the Nespresso machine to the Wi-Fi, but the secret here is turning what should be a watercolor into real life. (It’s even better if you get a tropical brunch in the villa by Sweet Caribbean Holidays).

A place where the best sound is the sound of doing nothing at all.

Villa Ifrevana is bookable through Villa Veo, Martinique’s best-known vacation rental company.

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