The Best SPF Shirt You Can Buy

It all started on Tortola’s Cane Garden Bay, with Andy Morrell and Fran Samuels’ journey that turned from pure exploration to building a truly authentic Caribbean clothing brand.

Today, British Virgin Islands-based HIHO is an in-the-know product for Caribbean aficionados (see: Caribbean Journal readers), a maker of clothing that’s all about the kind of tropical relaxation that is the core of the Caribbean dream, from linen shirts to active wear.

But one of their latest products has particularly stood out — HIHO’s SPF shirt.

HIHO’s Suntek shirt is the perfect shirt for the active Caribbean traveler: it dries quickly, it breathes and, most importantly, it’s got the SPF protection you need for long days spent on the water — with SPF 50 protection.

What really stands out is the comfort and the lightness — this shirt feels like a kind of second skin. After a few hours out in the sun, you’ll feel like you’re not even wearing a shirt.

They’re available for both men and women.

We love HIHO’s Suntek shirts, and you will too (especially the 2018 Painkiller Cup jersey).

It’s the best SPF shirt we’ve tried in our Caribbean travels.

Fore more information, visit HIHO.

— Guy Britton