Tradewind Aviation Resumes San Juan-St Barth Flights

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By the Caribbean Journal staff

Caribbean luxury airline Tradewind Aviation has resumed operation of regularly-scheduled daily flights between San Juan and St Barth, the carrier announced.

The move comes as the San Juan airport has “made great progress in the last few days,” Tradewind said in a statement.

Customs has re-opened, the TSA checkpoint is operational and air conditioning has been restored to all terminals. Tradewind’s private lounge, check-in and departure areas are open and fully functional, while food and coffee vendors in the airport have reopened.

The carrier also announced it would be adding more flights between Antigua and St Barth.

“We plan to continue operating a full schedule to St Barths for the 2017/2018 season,” the company said. “Several hotels and many restaurants have already announced their re-opening and there will be many beautiful villas available for rent.”


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