Turks and Caicos’ Coral Gardens to Reopen Oct. 16


By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Coral Gardens resort in Turks and Caicos has announced plans to reopen Monday, Oct. 16.

The Providenciales-area property said it had “fared quite well with minimal damage” consisting of unearthed palm trees and a few small broken windows in the wake of this month’s hurricanes.

“We are grateful to report the staff and families at Coral Gardens are all safe and secure,” the resort said.

Coral Gardens general manager Matthew Williams said the resort would be spending the next weeks “diligently at work” to return Coral Gardens to normal, planting new trees and even renewing the property’s Somewhere Cafe.

Coral Gardens said all of its owners had offered their condominiums to staff and their families to ensure their survival through the storms.

“The feeling of ‘togetherness’ is challenging to convey in words but its presence is obvious in Provo as friends, neighbors and strangers are lending assistance wherever necessary,” the resort said in a statement.

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