Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival Comes to Barbados


The Caribbean Rum and Beer festival is coming to Barbados — again.

After years hosted in Grenada and Sint Maarten, the festival is returning to its roots in Barbados, set to launch Dec. 9.

“The first Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival was held in Barbados back in 2010 and after discussions with local stakeholders we feel the time is perfect to bring our unique event back home,” said Barbados based Festival Director Cheryl Collymore.

The festival is a rum and beer trade expo, with distilleries, breweries and distributors using the event to showcase their products.

“Companies are constantly searching for cost effective ways to reach targeted customers and the Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival provides an excellent platform,” she said.

The venue is the Rockley Golf & Country Club, meaning the inclusion of a festival golf tournament, along with product sampling, seminars, chocolate pairings, a bartending competition and a cigar and rum area, among others.

“The Caribbean and in particular Barbados is the home of rum and we produce some world class quality rums and beers,” said Festival Operation Director Dr Glyn Williams. “The Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival is a way to invite people from all over the world to come to Barbados and learn more about the history, variety and versatility of these amazing products.”