This Hotel Is Now Serving Lionfish Ceviche


One of the Caribbean’s greenest resorts is now doing its part for the blue, too.

The Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort in Aruba has officially put lionfish on the menu, in an effort to help with the fight against the invasive species.

The property’s Elements Restaurant is now serving lionfish ceviche, made with lemon juice, avocado, shallots, tomato, virgin olive oil and herbs, paired with fresh tortilla chips.

The Elements restaurant at Bucuti & Tara.

Bucuti is sourcing the lionfish from a local fishery that works with the Aruba Reef Care foundation to catch the threatening species.

In recent years, lionfish, which has few natural predators, has proliferated around the Caribbean, breeding quickly and often evading capture.

Thankfully, it’s also delicious, and the hope is that more restaurants can put lionfish on the menu to help raise awareness and mitigate the scourge of the fish in the region.

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