Like Malibu Rum? Now There’s Malibu Beer.

The Caribbean-made Malibu Rum is becoming a beer.

Malibu is the world’s biggest flavored rum brand with its signature coconut-flavored spirit — accordingly, the new Malibu Beer, produced in the Caribbean, will be a golden lager with a hint of natural coconut.

The product is slated for roll out May 1 in the Miami, San Diego and Ann Arbor markets, imported by United States Beverage under a license from the Malibu brand, which is owned by Pernod Ricard.

“The Malibu brand name has the credentials to appeal to consumers within the beer category,” said said Jean-Baptiste Viton, Global Innovation Director for Malibu. “Beer’s share of Malibu’s Summer Drinking Occasion is almost 50%, so there is an enormous potential for Malibu to win in that space.”

United States Beverage is a Connecticut-based beer company with a large portfolio of craft and imported beers, including the Bahamas; Kalik beer.

The beer will be sold in six-pack 330ml bottles.


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