Pringles Jamaican Jerk Chips Are What You Need Right Now

Pringles Jamaican Jerk

Where do you go when you’re “jonesing” for jerk? If you’re in Jamaica, head for Scotchie’s. If you’re on Grand Cayman, swing by Season To Taste. And if you’re in Florida, drive to your nearest Walgreens.

Yep, Walgreens.

Because that’s the only place you’ll find Jamaican Jerk Pringles, a new limited-edition flavor of the stackable potato chip available this month only at the drugstore giant’s stores.

I swung by my local branch this week to sample a canister and can report that the crisps taste distinctly smoky and very salty, with a definite spicy kick. I can’t say they taste exactly like jerk – after all, real jerk requires smoking over pimento logs, and I’m guessing that’s not so easy to do at the Pringles manufacturing plant – but they do have a flavor “reminiscent” of jerk … kind of like spicy barbecue chicken.

A quick check of the list of ingredients reveals paprika, onion and garlic powder, and smoke flavoring, with no sign of the thyme and Scotch Bonnet pepper that’s essential to genuine jerk seasoning.

Nevertheless, if you sit in a sunny place, put some reggae on the radio, and accompany a fistful of chips with a frosty Red Stripe (or two), you might be convinced.

And if you’re not?

Well, Jamaica’s just a quick flight away.

— Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon, CJ Travel Editor


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