Five Luxury Boutique Hotels in the Caribbean to Try Right Now

Luxury Boutique Hotels
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At certain small hotels in the Caribbean, the art of luxury is delivered in a more intimate, more bespoke manner, with an emphasis on indulgence, sophistication and tranquility.

That can manifest itself in any number of ways, from a properly served ti’ punch to a pre-dinner wine tasting.

The places we’ve suggested for you in the Caribbean are a mix of luxury philosophies, from the more traditional to contemporary eco-chic.

Here are some of our favorites worth trying right now.

Cap Maison

Cap Maison, St. Lucia

Some hotels just get it. This small resort on the northern edge of St. Lucia is one of them. From its enchanting wine cellar to its gorgeous, spacious rooms to its delectable Cliff at Cap flagship restaurant, this is a place that’s concerned with one thing: making its guests feel grand. That’s in large part due to a thoughtful, creative philosophy that results in things like house-made limoncello. Plainly, this is a lovely hotel.

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