This Caribbean Hotel Created Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Cocktails

Hillary Clinton

Is the U.S. election season getting you down? The US Virgin Islands’ Bolongo Bay Beach Resort has you covered.

The venerable St. Thomas hotel’s mixologists have created a group of cocktails for this year’s U.S. presidential campaign — so that, no matter who you’re voting for, you’ll be able to celebrate.

Bolongo Bay’s 2016 Presidential Campaign Cocktail menu includes two signature cocktails: one for Republican candidate Donald Trump, and the other for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The "Trumpical Punch"

The “Trumpical Punch”

The Trumpical Punch, above, “mixes up USVI strawberry and raspberry rum, topped with a comb over of cranberry juice. Served on the rocks, it’s going to be ‘huuuuge’ and ‘make America great again,’’” according to the hotel.


Then there’s the Chillary, above, which the hotel says includes “Coconut rum, blue curacao, splash of pineapple juice and coconut cream become “stronger together” when shaken. Unlike 33,000 emails, this is served uncharacteristically straight-up.”

They’re joined by drinks including “Rum for the Border,” “Screw’d Either Way,” “Server Dilemma” and “Under Audit.”

Because rum is something we can all agree on.


— CJ

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