A Spectacular Spa on the Riviera Maya

Vidanta Riviera Maya Spa

Exploring Vidanta Riviera Maya’s Spatium spa

By Angela Rodriguez
CJ Contributor

In Lak’ech is a traditional Mayan greeting that means “I am you, and you are me.”

The physical ritual of placing one hand over your heart replaces the spoken greeting and it is frequently experienced when traveling throughout the Mayan Riviera. Nowhere in the Yucatan is that feeling of oneness with others and with the universe more prevalent than at Vidanta Riviera Maya’s brand new spa, Spatium.

Whereas most spas ask you to arrive a few minutes early for the functional reason of checking you in and starting your treatment on time, Spatium suggests you arrive at least one hour early so that you can fully experience the cutting edge facilities that are hidden within the expansive resort.

Vidanta Riviera Maya Spa

In particular, the hydrotherapy annex offering a unique self-guided sensorial experience alternating hot and cold, wet and dry, smooth and rough is not to be missed. By working your way the recommended three times through a series of indulgences that comprise an ice rub down, sauna, steam room, cold plunge, Jacuzzi and finally a pressure foot walk, you almost don’t even need a massage. Almost.

Vidanta Riviera Maya Spa

Time will slip away as you relax on a heated lounge and before you know it your masseuse will arrive to escort you to your private casita for your selected treatment. The casitas are connected by wooden walkways and built to appear as if they are floating on water. Each step you take lures you closer to a state of absolute balance with the world.

Vidanta Riviera Maya Spa

A signature aromatherapy massage begins with a blessing of the four elements; fire, earth, air and water to honor the Mayan Gods. During the blessing you will be gifted two quartz stones and invited to make a wish for the future, if you return the quartz to the Gods by tossing them in the ocean, your wish will come true.

Coupled with the custom blend of oils prepared to meet your needs at the time of your visit, a passing rain shower will coax you ever closer to that sublime trance-like state that a perfect massage will induce. A gentle gong will announce the end of your treatment much sooner than you’d desire, but you are encouraged to continue enjoying the facilities as long as you like.

At the end of your visit there will be one last thing to do: take a walk to the end of one of the resorts piers, place a hand on your heart and toss your stones into the sea – but not before amending your original wish with the hope to come back and experience Spatium’s feeling of absolute oneness with the universe again very, very soon.