Fabien Cousteau’s Latest Caribbean Trip


Explorer Fabien Cousteau is heading to Bonaire.

The aquanaut, conservationist and filmmaker (and grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau), will be conducting a seminar for local dive tourism stakeholders and taking part in a variety of scuba-diving activities.

Cousteau will be on the island April 7-13.

“It’s an honor to host Mr. Cousteau on Bonaire and have him contribute to our marine environment practices,” said Maurice Adriaens, Director of Tourism for Tourism Corporation Bonaire. “Mr. Cousteau’s service and dedication to the betterment of the world’s oceans has been an inspiration to Bonaire. We are very grateful that he has dedicated this time to share his insights into ocean habitats and how to strike a balance between nature preservation and tourism development.”

On April 11, Cousteau will hold a seminar for dive operators, instructors, marine biology students and marine park rangers, during which he will discuss his experience spending 31 days under the sea and how best to protect the island’s marine environment.

Cousteau spent his early years aboard his father’s famous Calypso and Alcyone ships, and has produced a number of documentaries on the undersea world.


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