How to Live on This Beach in Anguilla


It’s no secret that Anguilla is not one of the more affordable destinations in the Caribbean.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite — it’s generally expensive, whether you’re looking for a place to stay or looking to buy a home.

shoal bay

But like most things of great value, you get what you pay for — Anguilla is arguably the beach capital of the Caribbean, with an astonishing portfolio of perfect white-sand beaches.

shoal bay 3

And due to its small size and lack of a major airport, it’s retained something even more valuable: it’s untouched.

shoal 4

That means you can still find luxury homes right on the beach with very little around you, if you’re willing to pay a premium.

That brings us to this villa on Shoal Bay East, a six-bedroom, six-bathroom estate on a beautiful stretch of Shoal Bay.

anguilla villa

The home has lush landscaping, extensive outdoor space and a spectacular infinity pool.

The price? It’s listed with Sotheby’s International Realty for $5.2 million.

The beach alone is worth it.