St Kitts and Nevis Looks to Grow Green Energy Sector


Another new green push

By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

St Kitts and Nevis is looking to expand its green energy sector, one that is already at the forefront of the region’s green movement.

“More specifically, we must accelerate the pace of integrating renewable energy sources and securing sustainable supplies of water within our Federation,” said Prime Minister Timothy Harris. “We are still some distance away from creating the energy self-sufficiency needed to make a notable reduction in our dependence on fossil fuel consumption and the high cost of electricity.”

Harris said the government had also made a decision to expand the exploration of geothermal energy to include St. Kitts– — complementing and expanding the overall renewable energy resources already developing in Nevis.

In addition to geothermal energy, Harris said the government had made a decision to expedite the pace of growing the renewable energy sector by moving forward with wind energy exploration in St. Kitts.

“Significant changes have been made to ensure that there is room for competition in the market,” he said. “These changes were necessary as we are a Government that believes that there should be a level playing field allowing for a fair share to all desiring to participate in the wind energy business.”

He reported that negotiations for the project are in the final stages, and that it is expected to commence in 2016.


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