Jamaica Looks to Expand Community Tourism


A new push for niche tourism sector

By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

Jamaica is allocating funding from the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) for the development of community tourism in North West Manchester.

Member of Parliament for North West Manchester, Mikael Phillips, said plans include turning the community of Maidstone, the first free village in Manchester, into a tourist attraction.

“We have taken the money that TEF gave us and we have decided that we will now construct a proper museum with the assistance and guidance from the Jamaica National Heritage Trust, TEF and the Institute of Jamaica,” said Phillips.

He also cited plans in place to install proper walkways and story boards at the historic points around the community, adding that this initiative should be completed by October 2015.

The money from the TEF will also be used to develop Manchester’s Noisy River into a tourism product.

Phillips said that lands have been leased from the Forestry Department, and four shops and bathrooms have been built to enhance the visitor experience.

“We have created a picnic area and we are now installing gazebos, but that is only the first phase of that project. We will also be rehabilitating Auchtembeddie cave,” he said.

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