The Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations

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The Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations, from boutiques to large resorts across the islands.

By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

Seclusion, tranquility, sultry nights tempered by cool ocean breezes … the Caribbean defines romance and honeymoons. The Caribbean and honeymoons amplify one another — each makes the other better. The Caribbean did not invent the honeymoon but has perfected the concept.  From second honeymoon packages to destination weddings where the honeymoon is included, the Caribbean has innovated, refined and continues to enhance the honeymoon experience. These are the Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations.



It’s true what they say: Once you go to this classic Caribbean destination, you know. There’s nowhere quite like Jamaica, where the air seems to be filled with reggae-flavored romance. Hole up with your sweetie at lovey-dovey roosts such as Sandals’ couples-only resorts; Mo’Bay’s Round Hill and Half Moon; or stylish Port Antonio boutique, Geejam.

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