CJ Readers Channel Ernest Hemingway


By the Caribbean Journal staff

At the end of 2014, Caribbean Journal and Papa’s Pilar Rum collaborated on a contest, aiming to find the best reader caption for a series of Ernest Hemingway photos.  The catch? Readers had to write the captions in the inimitable style of Hemingway. These CJ readers were those whose captions made the final cut. The final winner of the contest will be announced soon after a panel of judges makes its final choice. The judges include Hemingway’s grandson, John Hemingway; Hemingway historian Philip Greene; radio personality Paul Castronovo; Allison Sansone, who runs the Oak Park Foundation and Museum, the home in which Hemingway spent as a child; captain and TV personality Scott Walker; International Game Fish Association COO Mike Myatt and Dave Russell, Co-Founder of the International Rum Council.


John King · Avalon, California

Watching Carlos’ perfectly rigged baits dance in the wake of a sturdy boat on an unruly sea has no equal save enjoying a drink with friends while reliving the events of the day around an open fire on a windless beach. Then the swordfish shows in the wake and there is truly no equal.


Tonya Bacevich Jones · Tampa, Florida

He no longer dreamed of the office, nor of email, nor of business negotiations. He only dreamed of Pilar Rum and fishing the Gulf Stream off Bimini.


Christine Trovato · Key West, Florida

There is no ailment that being on the water can’t cure.


Randolph Morton 

All the ingredients for that masterpiece.


Mary M McKinney ·  Houston, Texas

No man owns me, no country owns me, only the sea. The sea owns me, and I’ll do anything she wants because it was love at first sight.


Mike Duich 

Dear Zane, Wanted to send a quick note and let you know the Marlin bite is wide open here in Bimini! It’s much better than Catalina. You really should get out of California and live a little in the Bahamas.




Brian Shea 

The three things a man can never have too much of are women, spirits, and the ocean. When your glass is empty, and the women are cold, you can always take comfort in relaxing on the open waters.


Ken Katz

It’s raining out so no fishing, let’s lay back with a Papa’s Pilar and write something.


Jennifer VanMeenen

Nice catch, time for some Papa Pilar Rum. You have earned it.


Gary Rohlfs

Yes, the book is finally done and I can get dressed and go out fishing.


Richard Canzona

We will find a fish


Matt Konrad

The man had decided to sit down at his typewriter and bleed. But, damn it, his barrel of rum was empty and he couldn’t find a Band-Aid and this mail wouldn’t answer itself.


Byron Tobin

A ship, a woman, the sweet nectar of rum, all three have a soul, all have driven men to lie but only one has christened a mans destiny to love both the ship and the woman for which it is named. Pilar.


Benjamin McGnarls

Yes I am a fortunate man. Fortunate to have Gregorio as Capitan. This allows my mind wander to what I enjoy and do so well…writing the truth, fishing the Gulfstream and drinking rum with friends. Today I can dream.


Kris Mortensen

To Whom It May Concern: I recently ordered a barrel of rum from your company’s catalog. Upon receipt, I’ve come to learn that the picture in the catalog is not to scale. But I assure you, I will laugh last. Please enjoy the enclosed sample of my new rum, inspired by your shortcomings. I call it, Papa’s Pilar. Regards from Bimini, -E. Hemingway

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