The 10 Best Guadeloupe Hotels

Poolside at La Toubana.
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It’s an outpost of France in the Caribbean, and Guadeloupe is a fascinating blend of Creole and French cultures, of metropolitan development and untouched rainforests. While it’s long been off the radar of even the most in-the-know Caribbean travelers, the five-island archipelago of Guadeloupe has been rising in renown in the last few years thanks in large part to new flights from the mainland U.S. on European carrier Norwegian Air.

Luckily, the archipelago also has a host of unique hotels and resorts always in tune with its own distinct Caribbean beat. Here are the best hotels in Guadeloupe.

Guadeloupe Hotels

La Toubana

Guadeloupe’s premier hotel, La Toubana is a luxurious, voluptuous property on the edge of the bohemian beach town of Sainte-Anne consisting of 32 bungalows and 12 luxury suites. And when you leave the hotel you can experience one of the Caribbean’s food truck capitals right on the beach in town. This is the best hotel in Guadeloupe. Book Now.

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