Island Hop: Celebrating Old Year’s Night on Jost Van Dyke


WAS ISLAND HOPPING invented for Jost Van Dyke?

You might think so. JVD is a place to celebrate – no matter what the occasion or the time of year.  And if you are lucky enough to be on Jost Van Dyke this year on Dec. 31, you can be a part of one of the best New Year’s Eve parties anywhere in the Caribbean — and, some say, the world.

Above: JVD is so beautiful it’s really best when shared with friends — lots of them


When you head to JVD, it’s all about Foxy’s, which redefines parties all-year long.  Call it New Years or Old Years either way there is plenty to celebrate…Bunny Wailer headlines at this years Old Years Night. (click here for more info). Holiday and festival magic happen and a Caribbean extravaganza occurs!

After the party you can’t exactly call a cab, but with a little pre-planning you can get there and back safely.  A good list of ferry services can be found here.

But why head back to reality at all? After ringing-out the old year you will likely want to ring-in the new year. In that case, there are really great places to stay to relax and enjoy Jost Van Dyke, 365 days a year:


Perfect Pineapple

These guest houses are located on White Bay, with both one-bedroom suites, a one-bedroom guest house and a two0-bedroom guest house.

Above: the White Bay Villas

White Bay Villas

This group of villas and seaside cottages has a total of six units, with the largest being the three-bedroom Plantation Villa.

How to Hop There

From San Juan: The best way to reach the British Virgin Islands is on Cape Air, which operates regular service to both Tortola and St Thomas. Once you’re in either of those places, boat is the only way JVD.

Ferries run every day from Tortola, and can also take a ferry from St Thomas.

— CJ

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