Rum Journal: In Miami, the Rums of Puerto Rico

Above: CJ’s rum event in Miami (all photos by CJ)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Caribbean Journal continued its monthly rum tour of the Caribbean with a rum tasting on Friday night featuring the Rums of Puerto Rico at CJ headquarters at Miami’s Pipeline Brickell.

Long one of the rum production centres of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico boasts a strong diversity of rum varieties — from the light Don Q silver to the aged, complex Trigo and Bacardi Reserva Limitada.

The tasting began with light rums from Bacardi and Don Q, on to spiced rums like Blackbeard, moved to more complex rums like Bacardi Select and Don Q Añejo and finished with Puerto Rico’s leading sipping rums, including Bacardi Reserva Limitada, Ron del Barrilito, Don Q Gran Añejo and Trigo.

The popular winner of the tasting? Trigo, which is aged between 8 and 12 years in oak barrels, followed by the always-exceptional Don Q Gran Añejo.

The tasting was held in partnership with the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association’s upcoming Taste of the Caribbean event, with support from Rums of Puerto Rico.

Caribbean Journal’s Miami rum event series continues next month.


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