CJ Pick: St Kitts’ Ballahoo Restaurant


Above: the view from Ballahoo (CJ Photo)

THERE’S NO BETTER PLACE to watch the bustle of St Kitts’ capital, Basseterre, than the Ballahoo Restaurant.

The eatery, which was founded in 1982, one year before St Kitts and Nevis became an independent twin-island federation, is open for breakfast, lunch or dinner, with a blend of local, authentic cuisine and excellent continental fare (think ribeye steaks).

It’s also big on sustainability, emphasizing local seafood and produce and promoting conservation in St Kitts.

While Basseterre is tiny (the twin-island federation is the smallest sovereign state in the Western Hemisphere), it is full of colonial architecture and historic charm, led by the famous green Berkley Memorial.

Th open-air restaurant is perched on an upper floor right on the downtown Circus, offering unmatched views of daily comings and goings in St Kitts.

Ballahoo is one of the major meeting points on the island, with food to match.

— CJ

Ballahoo Restaurant
Basseterre, St. Kitts