Antigua National Security Minister Calls for Regional Coast Guard, Police


Above: Antigua National Security Minister Dr Errol Cort (Photo: ABG)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Should the Eastern Caribbean have its own regional coast guard and police force?

That’s the proposal being put forth by Antigua and Barbuda National Security Minister Dr Errol Cort, who made the call during a meeting of the Regional Security System Council of Ministers this week.

Cort, who was giving his final address as chairman of the council, said the establishment of both forces “would go a long way in helping to not only patrol and secure the waters of the Eastern Caribbean, but also assist in times of need in terms of specialized investigative matters.”

Cort also said regional countries should share information on persons deported from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and place them on “watch lists.”

That would help alleviate some of the challenges of crime in the Eastern Caribbean, he said