Dominica Welcomes New Ambassador From Venezuela


Above: Dominica (CJ Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Hayden Owando Pirela Sanchez is Venezuela’s new Ambassador to Dominica.

The Venezuelan envoy presented his letters of credence to Dominica President Eliud Williams this week, saying he wants to “further deepen the relationship” between the two states.

Williams said Venezuela was the first country to establish diplomatic relations with Dominica.

“Venezuela continues to be a major source of developmental assistance for the Commonwealth of Dominica and therefore relations with your country remain a priority in Dominica’s foreign policy,” Williams told Sanchez.  The Government of Dominica demonstrates solidarity with Venezuela on a range of issues of political significance as well as in crisis situations.”

The two sides briefly discussed the recovery of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who recently returned to his country following a long stay in Cuba for medical treatment.

“Dominica has actively supported Venezuela’s candidatures at elections for filling vacancies in the United Nations agencies, the Organization of American States, the Association of Caribbean States and other regional and international organizations,” Williams said. :We therefore look forward to providing continued support for the candidacy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela where appropriate.”

Sanchez follows former Venezuelan Ambassador Carmen Martinez de Grijalva.