The Beach List — the Caribbean’s 10 Best Beaches for 2013

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THEY’RE JUST SAND AND WATER. But they make the Caribbean go.

The Caribbean has, in our humble opinion, the best beaches in the world, and choosing just 10 is, well, [insert grain of sand joke here]. This year’s inaugural Beach List is the product of our travels across the region, having combed beaches, snorkeled reefs and waded in waves across the Caribbean Sea. Now, Caribbean Journal offers our picks for the best beaches to visit for 2013, in no particular order. See you in the sand! (See here for the most up-to-date ranking of the Best Caribbean Beaches).

Maundays Bay, Anguilla

Maundays Bay is one of the jewels of tiny Anguilla (and sits in front of the Cap Juluca resort).

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